Care strategy and what we do:


  • Diagnosis and management of all heart disease and most medical illness. 
  • Individualized attention to women with heart disease. 
  • Complete evaluation of all of your signs and symptoms by the doctor with testing as necessary.  
  • Multi-specialty care in one office.  
  • Special assessment of medication side-effects.  
  • Detailed attention to the patient who has multiple complex problems and needs chronic care. 
  • Expertise in heart disease associated sexual dysfunction. 
  • Creative and modern treatment of critical illness when you are hospitalized. 
  • Advice on nutrition, diet supplements, and exercise. 
  • Extreme weight loss with the 140 Diet.  
  • Emphasis on patient safety and disease prevention.  
  • Same day office evaluation for the patient with new or worsening symptoms.  
  • Treatment goals are to avoid hospitalization.  
  • We perform or have access to all cardiovascular and medical testing.  
  • By appointment, we will perform sports physicals and executive physicals. 
  • Blood is drawn in the office for your convenience. 
  • Free medicine samples as available. 
  • Expert medical opinion is available for legal matters. 

Non-surgical approaches to heart and medical disease is preferred.


 "Thank you for your efforts to make life easier for me... It's what makes you the fine doctor you are." A. A. Naples, Florida 

 "... he is our cardiologist, and he cares."                 E.G. Pittsburgh 

 "He makes me want to be well ... he  also knows how to select a staff that is efficient and caring and makes you feel like a person, not a number." Gams.  Pittsburgh 

 "Miracle worker, thanks for my life."                        B.G. Pittsburgh